Official Partners


An Official Partners is an official mobile market with access to the full arsenal of tools that The National Mobile Market has to offer. In agreeing to our Official Partner model, these mobile markets use the Mobile Market name and pay a small fee annually for services rendered. This fee will reimburse the National Mobile Market for any expenses incurred on their behalf. In return, these groups gain access to the Mobile Market logo, web hosting and web design, a national PR team, legal representation, a professional research team, experienced grant writers, a national accounting system, and complete operational support. More importantly, they receive full access to our experienced team and 24/7 guidance through the process of creating a mobile market. Through providing these tools, we hope to streamline the process of creating a mobile market and fight food access inequity on a national scale.






An Affiliate is a collaborative partner market with access to The National Mobile Market for oprerational advice and support. They also have full access to the research garnered by The National Mobile Market and become part of a growing community of mobile market concepts working to fight for food access. These mobile markets appear on our website as Affiliates and will similarly list The National Mobile Market on their own website. These mobile markets are free to use their own name and remain operationally independent, however, by being a part of the larger community they help to grow the national movement for food security and can call on our team for operational support and advice.



Member Organizations


The goal of The National Mobile Market is to provide the best possible support for mobile markets and other food desert solution models throughout the country. In some cases, the best approach is to use our model. In others, a collaborative role without an official partnership is a better fit. At the end of the day, affecting health outcomes and serving communities is our first priority. We offer assistance and advice to any organization that aligns with our mission of creating innovative solutions for fighting food insecurity. 





The Oklahoma City Mobile Market

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